2.5- Theatre in the Northern Renaisssance

An Overview of Elizabethan Theatre

The Great playwrights of Elizabethan Theatre

William Shakespeare — 1564-1616


Characteristics of Shakespeare’s plays

The Audience

  • The depths of the mind and soliloquies
  • Blank verse and iambic pentameter
  • Domestic tragedies, tragedies of character, and revenge tragedies
  • Limited Scenery and Props

Actors in Elizabethan Theatre

Click here to learn more about the techniques, skill set and income of actors at the Globe Theater.

Music in the Theatre

  • Music for changes of location and time
  • Entrances for important characters, or the arrival of royalty
  • Morely and Twelfth Night
  • States of a character mind — Willow Song from Othello

The Globe Theatre

Take the virtual tour of The Globe Theater

Smaller theater than Ancient Greek theatre

  • Better for audiences to hear
  • Allowed for more subtle acting
  • Second story balcony
  • Back exits and entrances
  • Alcoves
  • Trapdoor
  • Covered seating for those who could afford it
  • Standing area for the “groundlings’ in attendance

Facts and trivia about the Globe Theater – Click here.

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