Course Information

Welcome to Art/Music Theater 200x

This class should provide you a great learning experience as well as enjoyment. Most students really enjoy deepening their appreciation of the arts, understanding how society affects the arts and how the arts affect society, as well as strengthening their cultural literacy. Students will also have the opportunity to exercise their critical thinking skills as a result of their involvement with the course content. In addition, you will be further developing your writing skills in this class.

Class participation and interaction is important in this course.   You will be blogging with your fellow classmates, critiquing their work as well as being critiqued.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact your instructor at the email listed below.   You can also check your chat function on Google Mail if your instructor is logged in.

During this course you will be evaluated using 3 different types of assignments:

Written Assignments

  • First Impressions
  • Guided Note Taking
  • Reflections


  • Share, synthesize, and comparison topics
  • Feedback and discussion

Final Project

  • 3 essays
  • Self-reflection

Course Description

This course provides students guided experiences in analysis and appreciation of art, music, architecture, and theatre. Students will be guided to important information that form the basis of cultural literacy.   Students will also be sharing their aesthetic reaction to works with other students analysis demonstrating an understanding of how various artistic techniques are accomplished, and expressing an understanding of how the arts are related to their cultural and historical context as well as each other.
At UAF, this course fulfills a portion of the Humanities and Social Science requirement for an Associates of Arts degree and for all Bachelor degrees as an option (along with ANS F202X or HUM F201X).


This course provides students the opportunity to analyze and enrich their knowledge of the works of great painters, playwrights, architects of Western Civilization as well as selected Non-Western cultures as well, and place them within an historical context.

  • This course helps students to acquire a vocabulary appropriate for expressing an educated opinion in writing about these work
  • This course encourages students to expand their understanding of the arts and to write confidently about works in a web based blog
  • This course provides students the opportunity to connect important political, religious and scientific evolution with the arts, building a richer cultural literacy


You are required to have access to the following in order to complete the online version of this class.

  • A University of Alaska email account
  • Dependable internet access, High speed internet is recommended, but is optional.
  • Access to a computer with word processing capabilities for written assignments and crafting drafts for a blog.
  • Access to at least one full length film in video or DVD format and the ability to view it.

Finishing the Course

Semester Based Students

Semester based students are expected to finish the course, including the final, by the semester deadline. The deadline for semester based students is posted on the course calendar, and will be announced frequently throughout the semester. It is also posted on the schedules in the Helpful Hints folder. The deadline for all CDE courses is earlier than deadlines on campus.
In you encounter an unforeseen circumstance which will prevent you from completing the course on time, contact your instructor immediately. Do not wait. A strategy for completing the course can be agreed upon, and you can apply for an incomplete. You must have completed at least 6 written assignments and 2 blogs to qualify for an incomplete. Only in extreme cases is this requirement waived.

Procrastination and bad planning are not considered legitimate reasons for an incomplete. Incompletes require extra work for the instructor and are not given freely.

Grading Policy

There are 1735 total possible points for this course.
Your grade will be based on the total number of points achieved.

A = 93-100%
A- = 91%-92%
B+ = 87-90%
B = 83-86%
B- = 81-82%
C+ = 77-80%
C = 73-76%
C- = 71-72%
D = 61-70%
F = 60% or below

Late Assignments – All students have a deadline schedule to follow for written assignments and blogs.   Failure to meet these deadlines will result in a late penalty.

The Good News!
– If you cannot make a deadline, you can turn in a late assignment.   Late assignments will be accepted for 5 days after the due date at a 2 point late penalty per day.   After that, there will be a specific date at the end of each semester where students can submit up to 2 late assignments/blogs.   A 10 point late penalty will be applied.

Formatting Written Assignments and Blogs

Please make sure to include you name on each written assignment.

All Assignments Must Be Submitted With Academic Care
Make sure you use an easy to read font and clear formatting for all your assignments. All assignments must be edited before submission for typos, spelling errors, grammar and overall appearance. Opinions and commentary should be expressed in a formal register. Slang, such as “cool” and “dude” is not appropriate for an academic setting. If your written assignments do not exhibit academic care you will be warned. If you do not heed the warning, you may be penalized up to 15 points on each written assignment/blog.   If you need help editing and perfecting your work the Writing Center is a resource that is available. They provide a fax tutoring service for students enrolled in the Center for Distance Education. Students can fax their paper to (1-800-478-5246), and they will have a telephone tutorial with a tutor at a designated time. They also offer fax tutorials Monday through Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons. Phone the Writing Center (907)474-5314.

How to Submit Your Work

At the end of each unit you will find a link or links that state:View/Complete Assignment: (the name of the assignment). Here’s what you should do

For Written Assignments:

  1. Click on the link and download the Assignment instructions, use the Assignment instructions as your template and fill in the blanks, write your short answers, lists and reflections.
  2. Go back to the Assignment link and click on it again. This time go to the Assignment materials section and attach your completed assignment by using the Browse button. Then hit the submit button at the bottom of the page. (Comments aren’t necessary, unless you feel really compelled to communicate.)

For Blogs

  1. Click on the link and download the Assignment instructions.
  2. Complete your blog entry on your blog and respond (leave a comment) to at least two entries from other students on their blogs.
  3. Create a word document that contains the URL (the web address) of your blog entry along with the URL’s of the blog entries where you posted your responses. Make sure that your NAME at the top.
  4. Go back to the Assignment link and click on it again. This time go to the assignment materials section and attach your document with the URLs by using the Browse button. Then hit the submit button at the bottom of the page.


How and when do you get your feedback from your instructor

Due to the high enrollment in this course, it generally takes 5-7 days for your instructor to grade written assignments after they are submitted. Likewise it will take 5-7 days for all Blogs to be graded after the deadline.

In addition to your grade, you will receive feedback from your instructor.   It will either be included in the comment box, or as an uploaded attachment.