3.4- Visual Arts During the Baroque Era

What is Baroque Art?

Growing Demand for Visual Arts


The Theatricality of the Arts — Theatrical Tenebrism

  • Extreme contrasts of light and dark
  • Focus on dramatic subject matter
  • Virtuosity
  • Meticulously crafted realism
  • Still Lifes – see link below

Expansion of Artistic Subject Matter


Italian and Spanish artists

Dutch Artists


French Artists

George La Tour

Claude Lorrain

Artists in Flanders

Peter Paul Rubens

Still Life Painting

Baroque still life painting power point

Mexican Baroque Art



Illusion Ceilings


When you look at this, you need to realize that there is not dome on this building.

Ceiling Detail

Jesuit Church Vienna - Fresco by Andrea Pozzo

Jesuit Church Vienna – Fresco by Andrea Pozzo

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    Is anyone else having trouble with the eyeconart website?

  2. admin writes:

    Hi Corissa. You’re not the only one experiencing difficulty with the eyeconart.net links. The site has moved and changed the link structure to their archived articles. We are working to relink to the new locations.

  3. Mural Artist reviews writes:

    Mural Artist reviews…

    if this is a trend – what does it do?…

  4. Lisbet writes:

    The “Still Life” link doesn’t work.

  5. Robert writes:

    That-s all so interesting.
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  6. Ryan F writes:

    I love the french art. It’s like the impressionistic period never fully left.

  7. Gloria writes:

    I like the still life; the lighting, composition and colors, even if I do not understand the moralistic messages they were intended to portray – I still appreciate the form.

  8. Courtney Sessum writes:

    Still lifes are hard to understand. I believe that the interperation that can happen in so many different ways is what draws people to liking this style so much.

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  11. Aubrey Swallows writes:

    I thought at first that illusionist ceilings were weird because it was similiar to mannerism in the fact that it was artificial beauty. It was not the real ceiling I was looking at, it was an illusion. Thus the name of the painting technique. However, after further research I found it to be an extraordinary feat in design. Check out these magnificent ceiling frescos by *Annibale Carracci – Grand Gallery (Farnese Palace, Rome 1597-1601), *Pietro da Cortona – Glorification of Reign of Urban VIII (Pallazzo Barberini, Rome 1633-1639), and *Giovanni Battista Gaulli – Triumph of the Name of Jesus (Church of II Gesu, Rome 1676-1679).

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