Choosing a URL


Above, you see a URL:

  1. You are going to need to create a URL for your blog.  The first part will be of your choosing.  Time to think about that.
  2. For this class you will need to incorporate your name into your blog address.
  3. If you feel uncomfortable about using your real name, that’s okay.  Just give a hint at your identity.  That makes things so much easier on your instructor.
  4. You can use your real name if you’d like.  You might want to consider using your blog for this class as part of your academic portfolio.  If someone “googles” you, they would be led to your brilliant and scintillating discussion of the arts
  5. Be prepared to be flexible and creative.  Your first choice of URL may already be taken.  Here are some examples of how you can tweak your name, and still give a hint to your instructor as to which blog is yours, just in case there are any questions:


Real Name = Joseph Thompson     Blog URL=

Real Name = Joseph Thompson     Blog

Real Name = Joseph Thompson     Blog

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