6.1- Objectives: Modern eras – Early, Mid, Post

Understand the forces behind art of the Modern era

  • The Avant-garde artists and their styles
  • The influence of World War I
  • Leading artists that radically changed art
  • Leading composers that radically changed music
  • Leading playwrights of the Modern era
  • American regionalism in art, music and literature
  • The American sound
  • Influences of Jazz
  • The Depression of the 1930s
  • Fascism in Europe
  • Fundamentalism in religious thought
  • The influence of World War II
  • The numerous advances in science and technology

Understand the forces behind the art of the Post-Modern era

  • The philosophy of post —WW II
  • Leading architects
  • Consumer culture
  • Leading artists and their styles
  • Leading playwrights
  • Extravaganza theatre
  • Performance art
  • Leading composers and their styles
  • The impact women have had on the arts
  • The impact that non-Western cultures have had on Western art


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