3.1- Objectives: Baroque

Understand the forces behind the Baroque Era

  • How Baroque style transformed from the styles of the Renaissance
  • How the Counter-Reformation effected the arts
  • Secular painting in Holland
  • Artistic changes in architectural styles
  • Scientific discoveries
  • Leading Painters of the Baroque Era
  • Changes in painting techniques and subject matter used by visual artists
  • Major composers of the Baroque Era
  • New musical forms of the Baroque Era
  • Innovations in stage craft
  • Leading playwrights of the Baroque Era


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  1. Kosmetyki writes:

    Distinguishing features of the baroque are visible best on the example of architecture. Then churches and palaces were the most wonderful buildings. Very much monasteries and tenements were also impressive. Then the first large urban planning assumptions just arose: London, Petersburg, Rome, Wersal…

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