0.3 Course Orientation

Welcome to the Course!

The Promise and Pitfalls of Distance Education
Kinder to the environment
No parking hassles
Freedom to go to class at individualized times
Ability to finish the course faster than normal
Individualized interaction with the instructor

Pitfalls [audio:pitfalls.mp3]
Lack of face to face interaction
More freedom to fall seriously behind
Less community support

What to Expect in This Course
This course provides students guided experiences in analysis and appreciation of art, music, architecture, and theatre. Students will be guided to important information that form the basis of cultural literacy.

Cultural Literacy [audio:culturalliteracy.mp3]

Knowing important names, icons, events that help form a cultural reference

Basis for Comparison

What You Will be Doing
Utilizing Internet Resources [audio:internet.mp3]
Too much information!
Use the assignments to narrow your focus
Use the resources to explore where your interests take you

ThreeTypes of Assignments [audio:assignments.mp3]
Written Assignments

  • Getting the important factual information in order
  • Reflecting on your reactions to works of art, music and theatre
  • Reflecting on the influences that fashion the arts


  • Sharing your views on specific works of visual arts, music and theatre
  • For students in this course
  • For the general public

Giving constructive feedback to other students in the course about the works they featured in their blogs and their views on these works

Final Project
In the final project you will be composing essays which demonstrate your understanding and synthesis of the key objective of this course: how the arts are a reflection of their times.

Additionally, you will be sharing your reflections on how your relationship to the arts has changed as a result of this course

Questions Expected

Having questions about the course is natural. Please email your questions to:
ljkljaich@alaska.edu. I will try to get back to you in less than 48 hours. If you see on Google chat that I’m online, you can quick send a message and see if I’m really at my computer.

38 Responses to “0.3 Course Orientation”

  1. Karen Wichert writes:

    I’m looking forward to this class and love the way you have presented it.

  2. Tara Knight writes:

    Look forward to the class! The crafty technology is a little intimidating though! (hah)

  3. jessica wert writes:

    So far It looks like this class is going to be awesome, as long as I can master the technology side of the class.

  4. Tara Geoffroy writes:

    Good to be here. Looks like this is going to be a very informative class.

  5. David Andrew writes:

    Good. Think this class is interesting.

  6. Janice Smith writes:

    I am super excited about this course. I love all three subjects that we will be discussing, especially art! This course will also help speed up my graduation 🙂

  7. Andrew Slagle writes:

    Wait. I thought the dwarf song was when they were leaving the mine. Perhaps I am mistaken.

  8. Wolfgang Vonlahr writes:

    This sounds like a great course really looking forward to learning and sharing.

  9. Sky Brandt writes:

    Greetings! I am also looking forward to this class. I am a big fan of all things music and have always been interested in art and theater.

  10. Hannah Gauthier writes:

    This course sounds like a wealth of knowledge in the arts! I’m excited to see what I learn.

  11. Hector Fisher writes:

    I’m really looking forward to this class. I hope everyone does well.

  12. Scott Franz writes:

    Should be a good semester!

  13. Chris Naber writes:

    This is my first online class because I have been resistant to the craze of technology despite the acceptance by other mid 20’s students such as myself. However, you have set up this in a way that is very user-friendly and I greatly appreciate it. This is my first art class since taking printmaking my freshman year (2005), so I am looking forward to it.

  14. Warren Nicolai writes:

    I am looking forward to this class! Sounds like it is going to be interesting to see how the arts have been influenced by the times.

  15. Marceline Lee writes:

    Looking forward to this class!

  16. Denise R. Wagenman writes:

    I’ve taken quite a few online classes but never a class about art. This should prove to be quite the challenge for me.

  17. Amy Quinn Boardman writes:

    Looking forward to becoming a little more cultured through this class this semester!

  18. Bailey Brewer writes:

    I didnt think that it was possible to take a class about art online. Im thinking that the first part of this class will take a little bit of getting used to.

  19. Jody Zollman writes:

    I’m very excited to begin this class! I look forward to increasing my insight and appreciation of the arts!

  20. Stephanie Williams writes:

    I am looking forward to taking this. I have never taken an art class and heard from a lady in line at the bookstore that this class is fun and insightful.

  21. Rainey Noteware writes:

    I am looking forward to insights that will be presented through this class and what I may learn that is new to me. I do like taking my classes online, but understand all the cautions that are presented in the orientation material….and agree with it also.

  22. amaillet writes:

    Very excited about this class. It’s a relief to be taking a class that I know I will enjoy!

  23. Amy M. writes:

    I didn’t realize that architecture was included in the material at all. I know next to nothing about the subject; this should be fun!

  24. Sierra Owen writes:

    I am so excited. This is really an amazing way to present an online course. It is very realistic! I will love this class for sure.

  25. Jason Hausner writes:

    Very excited about this course! I feel like such a novice when it comes to art, music and theater. Definitely looking forward to expanding my horizons.

  26. Sierra Owen writes:

    I am very happy to be in this class. I love how the instructor has set it up and chose to let her students the ability to be creative. I am excited to work with you all!

  27. Mark Slingerland writes:

    This is going to be challenging, I’m old school, my preference is a classroom, instructor, paper, pencil and a blackboard. Not an electronic web based blackboard though. Looking forward to the class though.

  28. Toni Pickard writes:

    I’m very Interested in this class and hope all of you have a great semester!

  29. Kalli Kline writes:

    I’m excited to see how this class goes! Hopefully I can follow along just fine.

  30. Melissa Isaacs writes:

    I hope everyone has a great semester!

  31. Patrick Garcia writes:

    This class is going to be very intresting, it has a very different approach to everything which makes it intresting.

  32. Brandon Meston writes:

    I have a lot of online course experience, but this course still seems a little different…in a good way. I started a little late, but I’m just about caught up and looking forward to the rest of the semester!

  33. Michael Bellia writes:

    Looking forward to it!

  34. jang writes:

    I see a challenging, exhilarating, stimulating, and fascinating semester.

  35. Olivia Braastad writes:

    The only other online class I have taken was strictly on blackboard with no visuals or audio! This course seems much more interactive and attention-grabbing! Looking forward to it!

  36. michael hersey writes:

    this class is what i was hoping to get from a uni education. lets do art and learn how to use the media.

  37. Lyndsey West writes:

    As long as I can figure out how to do this blog everything else should go pretty smooth. I am looking forward to getting to know people!

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