2.1- Introduction to the Northern Renaissance

The Similarities to the Italian Renaissance

  • Humanism spread to the northern countries from Italy
  • Religious subject matter was still very important in the visual arts
  • Attention to realism and the focus on humans

The Differences

  • The rebirth or Renaissance emerge to more slowly
  • Less emphasis on classical antiquities
  • More attention to minute details
  • Religious strife impacted the arts
  • English Theatre

6 Responses to “2.1- Introduction to the Northern Renaissance”

  1. Melvin Baird writes:

    Italy played a large part in the Northern Renaissance

  2. Brian Slater writes:

    I love the dog barking at the end of “The Differences” clip. It must be nice working at home.

  3. Nicole Wade writes:

    Lol! I loved the dog, too!

  4. Ted Graham writes:

    It’s too bad that a lot of the art was destroyed because of concern over nudity in the church.

  5. Lisa Ellanna writes:

    It is sad to see that human extremism can banish such beauty, and advocate such closed mindedness. We’re all at a loss when this happens, no matter the culture.

  6. Miles Dinstel writes:

    I love the art and architecture of the Northern Europe during the Renaissance period, though influenced by Italy it didn’t share the same classic Greek roots. Specifically, the architecture was heavily influenced by its medieval past.