4.2- Introduction to the Classical Era

The Influences


Huge Changes Politically

  • Huge changes in Europe and America
  • The creation of the United States of America
  • The demise of the French Monarchy

The Enlightenment

  • Emphasis on Reason and Intellect
  • Emphasis on Secular Concerns
  • Freedom from Tyranny and Superstition
  • Attacks against hypocrisy
  • Belief in the Goodness of Man
  • Emphasis on the Common Man

The Evolution of Humanism


The Philosopher

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Rene Descartes — Father of Modern Philosophy

  • “I think, therefore I am’
  • A rationalist

John Locke

  • Our experience shapes us
  • An empiricist
  • Argued against the “divine right” of kings

Immanuel Kant

  • We use our mind to make sense of our experiences
  • Rationalism and empiricism combined

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